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Wake me up when September ends….

….turns out I over delivered on the Green Day track!

Umm, what has happened between February 2010, when I last blogged, and August 2010?

  • Volkswagen did a couple of non TV media disruptions to launch its cars
  • IPL Season 3 went by, and Vodafone  could not repeat the zoozoo success
  • Google Buzz (and some other Google products) tanked

And why did I not update my blog? Twitter is to blame. Its so convenient to micro blog, after all.

But I am back, and hopefully, for good.


What keeps people on one site while downloading music?

Interesting link. Orchard,a music wholeseller with itunes & amazon as its customers, executed a pilot with dynamic pricing of tracks,depending on demand. The topline takeaway is that consumers demand “not very popular” tracks, if they are priced low.My personal takeaway, and I quote “Eglen says that means people will stick with one online seller if it has a variety of prices and music.”

I agree with this as I believe stickiness to a music site is linked to the variety that you can offer.

The ipod is Dead.

This link talks about why the days of the dedicated music player have come and gone. Great write-up to go through.

Top messages:

  • Sales of ipod as mp3 player is on decline. Sales of ipod as multi function device (video recorder,wi-fi device) is on the rise
  • Despite “feature creep”, people still like to have more features. Infact, iphone is the biggest source of images on Flickr
  • Apple hasn’t proven that it has any legal right to restrict third-party components from connecting to its software eg Palm.

Google Music Search in China

Forbes’ interview with Lin Bin from Google China on Google’s music search service is an interesting read. For those who came in late, Baidu has a popular (pirated)music search. According to Lin Bin, 99.9% music download in China is illegal,because Baidu has made access to pirated music easier for the Chinese.

And that is the main message on this post. Lin Bin says “Users search Baidu, and they can easily find anything they want. India and Russia also have a lot of piracy, but here, Baidu has a very large market share, and that means users barely have to try to get access to pirated music”

Music download behaviour amongst Indian youngsters is highlylinked to pirated free music. However, an average Indian youngster listens to at least three types of music:international,bollywood & regional. Accessing different music is not as easy. A player like Baidu with its customised music search can make things really simple for the consumer (and a nightmare for music labels & enforcement agencies). Innovative business models will be needed in India to curb piracy, not all of them will necessarily generate profits for the ecosystem. But then, are music labels in India ready to make that sacrifice and play long term?

Music Cassettes?

Music Cassettes

Relevance of music cassettes in our 4 year old daughter’s life. Spontaneous moments like these make you think of the changing pace of technology. Music cassettes were an integral part of my college life,which was not so long ago 😉

Today even a CD/DVD looks so inconvenient in terms of usage for me. I admit that I am not a serious audiophile, and I do not play my music on high end systems (infact, I mostly connect my Nokia phone to my “normal” speakers).

I wonder how we will listen to music 20 years fromnow,when my daughter will be 24?

Do you have a crystal ball to help me with?

Asheem Chakravarty

1996…..a small North Indian nondescript town called Karnal. Scouring for  music cassettes in a shop doing a distress sale. I picked up something called “Indian Ocean” because it was for 15 bucks only.

Back in my room, played it on my second hand Walkman…..and got blown away! My first experience of music by Indian Ocean.

From a student with a monthly allowance of Rs 400 to a early 30s marketing professional, a lot has changed….but my love for Indian Ocean has only grown. Indian Ocean,Desert Rain, Kandisa, Jhini, Black Friday, Live at Garden of Five Senses…all brilliant music, with some brilliant vocals support by Asheem Chakravarty.

Asheem struggled for close to two months since his heart attack while on the Middle East tour, and then finally bade farewell yesterday 25th Dec 2009.

The guttural, breathless wave of energy in Kaun, the ode to the river in Ma Rewa…..they defined my youth’s energy, tempered as it was by middle class dreams of professional degrees for a ‘better’ future. Heck, he actually made the tabla cool!

Where do we go after the last frontiers?Where do birds fly after the last sky? RIP Asheem @ Indian Ocean.

You defined my youth….in my generation, unlike my other favourite Simon & Garfunkel.

Watch Indian Ocean in this Kandisa video here

Future of digital music

Good write-up on the challenges the record labels face in these connected times. You can read it here.