Reconfirmation: Print is dying. Long live Print.

Sometime in January this year, I had crossposted a Campaign India blog entry on “the next decade in media for India”.

For print media, my summary of the original post was as follows ” You no longer need brains to predict that print will continue its loss to TV & digital. Agree with Anant when he says cover price of Rs 10 for certain newspapers will not be uncommon eg Times of India Crest. Crest is also early validation that newspapers will move away from reporting (24 hrs delay) and focus more on features. Special interest magazines will continue to grow at the cost of general magazines. Do I see myself not reading Outlook Traveller? Not likely. What about Outlook Weekly? I already read it online,there is nothing that I want to “retain”, unlike Outlook Traveller.

Graydon Carter, the much celebrated editor of Vanity Fair, echoes similar views (albeit in an American context) when he says news on the print medium is DEAD. But niche content, respected opinion leaders (like Vanity Fair) will continue to flourish. You can read his views in detail here.

Essentially the same takeaway “Outlook Weekly newsmagazine is dead, but Outlook Traveller is not”.


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