Is mobile internet only about mobile phones?

Morgan Stanley recently released a (comprehensive) report on mobile internet. You can access the 104 slides summary(!) here.

The report starts with a relevant technology trend: Mobile internet is no longer about mobile phones alone. It is a far bigger ecosystem comprising of e-readers like Kindle, tablets, MP3 players like iPod touch, gaming consoles and all possible devices that have started talking to each other. Of course, access via mobile phones,especially in emerging markets, will remain mobile internet’s largest entry gate. This is also validated by another observation in the report that mobile internet is ramping up faster than desktop internet (see pic).

Some other interesting observations from the report:

  • iPhone+iTouch cumulative units shipment in the first ten quarters of launch is the fastest user growth ever  in consumer technology history (slide 42).
  • The scorching ramp-up of mobile internet is accelerated by 5 trends that are converging faster than ever before: 3G/Social networking/Video/VoIP/smartphones. All these are enabling consumer to connect to the internet in far more portable and mobile ways, than the desktop of late nineties.

India, I believe, is on the verge of a 3G revolution. The moment shackles of regulation are broken, India will perhaps have the highest number of 3G subscribers. I would say by 2012. And entertainment (on the move) will be biggest reason for adoption of 3G by Indians using smartphones.

Am ready to take a bet. 🙂


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