The 100 most social brands of 2009

Vitrue has released its list of  100 most social brands basis its Social Media Index.  The details of the list can be accessed here. Iphone has retained its No 1 spot, like it did in 2008. IPhone, Disney, CNN, MTV, NBA, iTunes, Wii, Apple, Xbox and Nike rounded out the top 10 in 2009, respectively.

The objective of this post is not the list itself. What i found more interesting was this writeup on Adweek, about the most social brands ranking. I picked the following:

  • Iphone is the No 1 social brand, without having presence on Facebook or Twitter. Its the conversations around iphone,rather than its social media strategy, that has made it No 1 social brand.
  • Conversely, itunes has moved from being a non lister in 2008 to No 6 in 2009, partly thanks to its presence on facebook, according to Vitrue honcho.
  • Interestingly, Vitrue’s ranking does not include digital brands like Facebook,Twitter & Youtube because “they make up the social infrastructure rather than use it to connect with consumers.” I do not subscribe to this logic though. These digital brands are as much brands as they are part of the social infrastructure.
  • Finally, important words from Adweek when it says “Being a social brand is not necessarily proportional to social media adoption.” Important because a lot of us see social marketing as a checklist. Twitter account check, count number of followers on twitter check, facebook app for the brand check.

Time for all of us to stop looking at social marketing as a checklist, and work beyond. The objective has to be “generate conversation” & “be interactive” rather than have “digital presence”.


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