Crossposting “The next decade in media in India”

When someone else (more qualified in the relevant space) holds the crystal ball, there is no need for me to reinvent the wheel. I am crossposting this from a Campaign India blog. The post talks about trends for the next decade in Print, TV & Digital…and focusses,Thank God for that, only on India. Click on the link for a detailed read. My take is as follows:

PRINT: You no longer need brains to predict that print will continue its loss to TV & digital. Agree with Anant when he says cover price of Rs 10 for certain newspapers will not be uncommon eg Times of India Crest. Crest is also early validation that newspapers will move away from reporting (24 hrs delay) and focus more on features. Special interest magazines will continue to grow at the cost of general magazines. Do I see myself not reading Outlook Traveller? Not likely. What about Outlook Weekly? I already read it online,there is nothing that I want to “retain”, unlike Outlook Traveller.

Television: Another (important)one that should not be difficult to predict “Cable operators will continue to shrink in number and in influence as DTH makes greater inroads.” Anant’s prediction on GEC trends are more interesting than News genre. And some of them are already manifesting. No clear leader in GEC space is one. 2009 saw Colors, Zee and Star fighting it out on a monthly basis. A single big show like Balika Vadhu on Colors and Dance India Dance on Zee can change the ranks for the month, at least. Speciality shows and channels will continue to test launch themselves. Wonder why no one is yet ready with Foodie focussed channel? I would subscribe to that immediately.

Digital: Could not spot a big one in this section from the Post. Anant should focus on digital separately. There’s far too much flux and trend sifting in this space for it to be captured in 500 words.

Will do my own,original take on India specific digital trends for the next decade, sometime soon.


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