Do you remember the sound of a dial up connection to Internet?

Yes, do you remember this?

I got reminded of this because this week, after 5 years, I went back to the place where I started my journey in the digital space. Five years back, as a rookie with 2 years sales experience, I made the switch from FMCG to then-fledgling telecom. This despite a not-so-great location posting, working for a brand that, today, is the Most Trusted Brand in India.

But five years back, I did not know that it would such a loved brand….all I knew was that the technology/telecom space had a huge overlap, and was already on its way to become the next big thing for India.

I went back to Guwahati this week, for the first time in five years. And it started me thinking on how much the world around me has changed, in terms of technology. I used to frequent a cyber cafe, and being its first customer for the day, the owner would hook up the modem to connect via a dial-up connection. And the “sound” of internet became part of my everyday routine.

What are the things that I use today, but were NOT around five years back (at least in my life):

  1. Broadband connection
  2. Laptop with 2 GB RAM & 160 GB HDD
  3. Youtube
  4. Facebook
  5. Twitter
  6. Touch screen mobile phone
  7. Push mail on my phone

And to think, all the above are an integral part of my work and play now.

This pace of change is super sonic. It is faster than anything we could have ever imagined. And I am glad I am in the thick of this change, and enjoying every nano second of it.


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