About owned,earned and bought media

Forrester's Report on BOE Media

Forrester has released a report titled No Media Should Stand Alone. It delves into the trinity of Bought, Owned & Earned (BOE) media. The concept of BOE media is something that I practise at work. Been doing that through the latter half of 2009, and I strongly believe that this classification helps prioritize available bouquet of media options.The author of the Forrester Report  summarises it very well in a separate post.

The key message for me is (and I quote): Recognise that earned media is a result of brand behaviour.

What is earned media? I read somewhere that whenever content is shared,media is earned. And if your brand is part of that shared content, you “earn” media presence. What is important to realise is that earned media is not equal to free media. The operative word here is engagement with the conversation participants, rather than costs. And yes, as a brand you cannot own the process of earning media, you can only participate in it. That is the big challenge.

Unfair, right? You own the brand , you own the money that you pump behind the brand(bought media), you own your brand’s website(owned media)…and yet, You cannot own the media your brand earns.

Go figure…because in my view, its fair that the consumer gets to decide whether your brand and your communication has made a difference in his life, and express that view publicly.


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