Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: Is a revisit required?

There is a lot of buzz on the Net about Apple’s tablet announcement later this month. Steve Rubel from Edelman Digital in his latest post has a view: Everyone is waiting for Apple tablet, but honestly, is there a need for it? Or are we running after a “shiny new object” simply because there is no other new news?

Well, now @conradlisco has a fresh perspective on this in his blog. He refers to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs as we have seen it for the last 65 years, and suggests that there is a need to revisit Maslow’s theory in this Connected Age.  He adds another layer to the pyramid, at the base,below physiological needs….technology (see pic). Because your phone today can help satisfy your physiological needs (iphone’s loo finder app), your social needs (social networking sites) and also self actualisation needs .

I,for one,am not sure about this. Technology plays a critical role in our lives today,no doubt about it. It connects you to most of your needs, but only as a connector. It is a facilitator in our lives. Will a daily wage earner ever see technology as a pre-cursor to satisfying physiological needs? Not for sure.

Technology can play a role in each layer of Maslow’s pyramid, but not become a layer in itself. I guess Mr Maslow will continue to be relevant for quite some time to come.

As for Apple tablet,why not?


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