The New 4 Ps of Marketing?

Forrester recently released a paper “Adaptive Brand Marketing: Rethinking Your Approach to Branding in the Digital Age”. As a practitioner, I have always held back my opinion till I see it impacting my work (and I am a middle level marketer who needs to focus on both execution and strategy, with results to deliver).

But this one looks interesting,  because behind the heavy words “Adaptive Brand Marketing”, is something very tangible,very real. The reality of Change, the reality that the world of communications is in perpetual beta, and the acceptance of the fact that the consumer is at the centre of any communication. Ignore this and you .

As a marketer,  “Adaptive” is accepting the following:

  • There is no 9 month planned product launch anymore
  • You do not send messages to the consumer & anticipate his response, anymore! Instead the consumer converses with you and trashes/praises you right here, right now

BBHLabs has captured its thoughts on what is needed to deliver adaptive branding here. I will highlight just the one that makes complete sense to me:

  • Brand leaders as curators: Brand Managers since Neil McElroy have believed in carefully crafted CONTROL. Control the look and feel, control the feature benefit set, control the communication….till now.  A brand curator instead focuses on the interactiveness of the consumer and does not reinvent the wheel. The brand curator tracks his brand across media spaces daily, and engages with the consumer in real time.

OK, in this Adaptive Brand Marketing bit, where are the new 4 Ps ? The Forrester paper mentions the new four Ps as Permission, Proximity, Participation & Perception.  As I said earlier, will elaborate on them if I find I am using the new four Ps in my work. Till then, Adaptive Brand Marketing is good enough unlearning to do.


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