Asheem Chakravarty

1996…..a small North Indian nondescript town called Karnal. Scouring for  music cassettes in a shop doing a distress sale. I picked up something called “Indian Ocean” because it was for 15 bucks only.

Back in my room, played it on my second hand Walkman…..and got blown away! My first experience of music by Indian Ocean.

From a student with a monthly allowance of Rs 400 to a early 30s marketing professional, a lot has changed….but my love for Indian Ocean has only grown. Indian Ocean,Desert Rain, Kandisa, Jhini, Black Friday, Live at Garden of Five Senses…all brilliant music, with some brilliant vocals support by Asheem Chakravarty.

Asheem struggled for close to two months since his heart attack while on the Middle East tour, and then finally bade farewell yesterday 25th Dec 2009.

The guttural, breathless wave of energy in Kaun, the ode to the river in Ma Rewa…..they defined my youth’s energy, tempered as it was by middle class dreams of professional degrees for a ‘better’ future. Heck, he actually made the tabla cool!

Where do we go after the last frontiers?Where do birds fly after the last sky? RIP Asheem @ Indian Ocean.

You defined my youth….in my generation, unlike my other favourite Simon & Garfunkel.

Watch Indian Ocean in this Kandisa video here


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  1. Posted by urdead2me on December 26, 2009 at 08:15

    RIP – Asheem Chakravarty, 52, was known to Indian Ocean fans as “the man with the golden voice.” He sang & played tabla simultaneously, a feat rare among percussionists. BTW, Indian Ocean’s soundtrack to 2004’s Black Friday is thrilling.


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